Top 12 Passenger Vans

When you need a vehicle that can transport a large group a 12 passenger van can prove ideal. These vans are offered with advanced technologies, state of the art features, and offer superior on the road handling and performance. 


There are a number of 12 passenger vans you can choose from. The following are some of the best offerings for the 2011 year.

Popular Features In 12 Passenger Vans for 2011

Consumers buy 12 passenger vans because of the spaciousness of the vehicle’s interior.  These vehicles are suitable for personal use and are great vehicles for business use also.  These vehicles can serve as work vehicles, shuttle vans, and accommodate large group travel. The spaciousness of these vehicles is not the only feature that make them attractive vehicle options.

The 12 passenger vans sold today are created with excellent safety features.  They’re built with adjustable seat belts, side curtain airbags, front and driver airbags, and sport antilock brakes.  These vans are often equipped with stability controls, traction controls, and electronic brake distribution.  Car makers are adding features that improve upon handling, performance, and overall style of the 12 passenger vehicles they offer.

Today’s 12 passenger vans come with optional features that make their use more enjoyable and practical.  Some 12 passenger vans come with Bluetooth® technologies so the driver can make outbound and incoming phone calls hands free. This improves the safety practices of the driver because it helps minimize distractions.  The vehicles also come with navigation systems and OnStar® options. These features make it easy to find your way around no matter where you travel. 

Some vans have oil monitoring systems that alert the driver when it is time to change the vehicle’s oil.  In addition, there are some vans sold with tire pressure monitoring features. This allows the driver to always ensure the tires are properly inflated.  With properly inflated tires the driver experiences less tire wear, gets greater fuel efficiency, and the vehicle is safer on the road.

Top 12 Passenger Vans for 2011

2011 Chevrolet Express 3500

Among the best 12 passenger vans for 2011 is the all new Chevrolet Express.  The vehicle offers up enough seating for fifteen passengers so it is definitely comfortable for twelve.  This vehicle is offered with two wheel or all wheel drive configurations and it comes with two different wheel bases measuring 135 inches or 155 inches.  The vehicle is offered in two trims, the LS or the LT in AWD drive, but the latter vehicles only offer seating for eight.  If you want one of the 12 passenger vans, you will have to get the two wheel drive configuration offered in an LS, LT, or the rear wheel drive diesel LS or LT.  The least expensive trim has a six speed automatic transmission, a 6.6 Liter turbo V-8 engine and E85 fuel flex capabilities.  This vehicle comes with an oil monitoring feature, front and rear air conditioning, six head curtain and side impact airbags, a custom cloth interior, and enhanced technology glass.  It also has OnStar®, XM Radio, and Bluetooth® wireless technology options.  For full details visit http://www.chevrolet.com/vehicles/2011/express/features.do?.

2011 GMC Savana 3500 LS

Also among the top 12 passenger vans for 2011 one will find the GMC Savana 3500 LS.  This vehicle is equipped with the 6.6 Liter Duramax V8 engine and it operates off of diesel fuel.  This vehicle has four wheel ventilated disc brakes, traction control, electronic brake distribution, and it is equipped with StabiliTrak® stability control.  It also has driver/passenger third and fourth row windows.  It comes with cruise control, a spacious interior, a low tire pressure indicator, a navigation system, power steering, tilt steering, OnStar® telematics, and removable, non-folding, third row bench seating.  For full vehicle specifications visit http://www.internetautoguide.com/13-13-2011-31-1129-3311/2011-gmc-savana-3500-ls-extended-passenger-van-specifications.html.

2011 Ford Super Duty E-350

Another good choice when it comes to 12 passenger vans is the 2011 Ford Super Duty E-350.  This vehicle has a 5.4 Liter V-8 engine, and it has E85 fuel flex capabilities.  It comes with four wheel ventilated disc brakes, ABS and engine management features, electronic traction control, AdvanceTrac® stability control, and driver/passenger third row windows.  It has a low tire pressure indicator, power steering, and it is built to seat fifteen so it can definitely transport twelve passengers with ease.  It has tilt steering, a tachometer, and foldable, bench seating in the third row.  The interior sports a vinyl upholstery.  For full details visit http://www.cars.com/ford/e350-super-duty/2011.

More Information On Top 12 Passenger Vans

When comparing the top 12 passenger vans passenger vans for 2011, one will find a number of common features and some differences between the different makes and models.  One of the biggest differences that can be identified between the top vans on offer is in the vehicle’s price.  The Chevrolet Express and the GMC Savana have similar MSRPs: the Express has an MSRP of $44505.00 and the GMC Savana has an MSRP of $46375.00.  Meanwhile, the Ford E-350 has an MSRP of $35060.00; so if price is your primary concern the Ford E-350 is your least expensive option.

The Express and the Savana have a 31 gallon fuel tank, while the Ford E-350 has a slightly larger fuel tank at 33 gallons.  Both the Express and the Savana have a 6.6L Vortect V8 engine under the hold while the E-350 sports a 5.4 Liter V8 engine.  All three of the 12 passenger vehicles have two door body configurations but the Express and the Savana have a single, long rear passenger window on each side of the vehicle while the E-350 two separate rear passenger windows on each side of the vehicle.  All three vehicles come with climate controls, a driver information center, a low fuel warning, an oil pressure gauge, a service interval warning, a tachometer, a trip computer, a voltage gauge, and a water temperature gauge.  The Express and the Savana seat 12 passengers only, but the E-350 by Ford allows room for three additional passengers.  All of the vehicles sport rear bench seating.  The Express and Savana offer up OnStar® features, while the E-350 does not.  For a complete comparison of 12 passenger vehicle specifications visit http://autos.aol.com/cars-compare?.